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Awareness in Nanobiosafety



The aim of the course is to allow you to understand the biosafety concerns associated with the application of nanomaterials. Nano-scale dye-encapsulated nanomaterials will be the main focus as these are being used in imaging diagnostics and medical therapeutics.

During the initial phase of the course you will learn how tiny materials at the nano-scale were discovered and applied in various scientific disciplines. You will acquire the knowledge required to define ‘Nanotechnology’ as a scientific discipline involved in manipulating matter at the Nano-scale. In the second part of the course you will learn how nanoparticles are made, their physicochemical properties and their application in various settings.

The final part of the course will be focused on how these nanomaterials interact with our human body through e.g. direct skin contact, inhalation and intravenous injection. You will learn how the understanding of the latter will enable us to safely administer the latter materials to diagnose and treat disease.

The biocompatibility of nanomaterials will be assessed based on their advantages (benefits) and disadvantages (negative effects). You will also be able to discuss the impact of nanomaterials on human health and ways to overcome them. Despite the negative impact of nanomaterials, we may be able to suggest alternative ways (strategies) in which this technology can be safely used. You will therefore identify, critique and appraise some of the strategies into the safe application of nanomaterials in medicine. Various materials, activities and assessments will aid the latter understanding and reinforce the concepts discussed throughout the course.

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