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Providing Online Training Courses and Educational Support Services

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What is MIA

Manchester International Academy offers Educational Support for individuals, companies and organisations, and Plan a variety of training course in all fields of knowledge. MIA also awards MIA Certificate, Diploma, and Professional Diploma.

MIA Objectives

MIA provides education, learning and training for all level of education in the United Kingdom and overseas. The MIA is committed to developing and updating teaching materials and curriculums as required.

Why choose us

MIA is the most reliable organisation to conduct all your UK education. MIA is committed to providing quality training experiences for all learners with diverse needs and from a wide variety of backgrounds.

How to Pay Us

Your payment can be made by direct bank transfer into the account of MIA LTD. You can send a cheque payable to: MIA LTD, and send it to our address.

MIA Specialities


Education & Training


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Our Courses

We offer different kinds of Training Programs including vocational courses during the year and Customized programs tailored to Arab people’s need and the company’s need as well. We offer special programs for the Arab people and companies in English and some interpretation if needed. We have links with Training Centres in the U.K. regarding other areas of training such as Computer Applications and Programs, Hardware and Software, IT Training, Applied Management, English Language Courses, etc.

Student Services


We conduct research and help research students in their work from making proposal to submitting dissertation for Master and Doctorate levels.  We also help undergraduate students in all casework and assignments.  MIA provides “proofreading” service all year round.

Report Writing
Proof Reading
Research Papers
Edit Linguistic

We help students writing reports and articles and research in various disciplines and we edit linguistic, development and improvement of student writings at different levels of undergraduate studies, Masters and doctoral degrees. We provide personal assistance in writing proposals for Master and PhD research in accordance with the requirements of the supervisors and the university. Confidentiality is our aim from the first contact made by the student. We are not asking about any personal information about the students, so no need to mention names or the name of the university or college where the student taught.

Students can rely on our education services for all grades/levels of study in the UK.

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