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Investments Prospects in the United Kingdom

We are dealing with investments in the United Kingdom and overseas. We cover a wide spectrum of interests include properties, lands, stocks & shares, banking, etc. We offer these services for individuals and organizations. We are particularly interested in the Arab investors from all Arab countries and Middle East.

Property Management

Property Management Department at NOZA manage their own properties and those of their clients with properties in the UK, through our business partners, which includes all related processes to real estate purchasing, rent collection, management, maintenance, insurance and all other aspects of property acquisition and investment.

Our written agreements with you allow us to manage the property on your behalf, including finding suitable tenants who you approve before we grant the tenancy, rent collection with direct payments to your UK or overseas bank account, overseeing maintenance and repairs to the property, transferring liability for council tax, water rates, gas and electricity to the tenants, overseas landlord taxation management and the day to day management of your property.

With our wealth of experience and contacts with legal, banking, accounting and insurance professionals we can deal with all aspects of your UK property investment on your behalf whilst you retain overall control.

Our knowledge of the UK property market can help ensure that your investment in the UK property is sound, secure and profitable for you.

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